Prose & Words: Chapter 2

“There are no good or bad emotions, there are only emotions. There are no good or bad thoughts, there are only thoughts. There are no good or bad experiences, there are only experiences. Don’t categorize what is normal, what is part of nature, what is simply being human, and allow your inner scale to align.”~DangieContinue reading “Prose & Words: Chapter 2”

Prose & Words: Chapter 1

“The mind-struggle is a game, the key to winning the game is to simply stop playing.”~Dangie “The path you now walk is not created by dreams, desires, or perceptions, it is carved only by actions and by every step you take. It is carved in the moment as you walk, there are no wrong orContinue reading “Prose & Words: Chapter 1”

I Left Everything To Travel The World And I Failed

What am I supposed to do now with the broken pieces of my life? I don’t know. In 2015 I was working a nine-to-five cubicle job and living the corporate life; it was a confusing time in my life. Seemingly, I had everything I thought I needed at the time: a cozy apartment that feltContinue reading “I Left Everything To Travel The World And I Failed”