Prose & Words: Chapter 2

“There are no good or bad emotions, there are only emotions. There are no good or bad thoughts, there are only thoughts. There are no good or bad experiences, there are only experiences. Don’t categorize what is normal, what is part of nature, what is simply being human, and allow your inner scale to align.”~Dangie

“Don’t lose yourself in the process, wherever you go, whatever you do, remain faithful to yourself.”~Dangie

“Life is not fair, life is not unfair, life simply IS.”~Dangie

“You are like a complicated, beautifully written story with a deep meaning. And not everyone that experiences you will understand you, but darling, the problem is them not you.”~Dangie

Thank you for reading and make sure to leave your favorite poem, quote, prose, or thoughts below in the comments; I would love to read them!

Disclaimer: you are welcome to use and/or share any of my quotes but please give me credit and/or tag me @barefootinpai (Instagram).

Published by Dangie

No one to be and nothing to do, simply here.

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