Prose & Words: Chapter 1

“The mind-struggle is a game, the key to winning the game is to simply stop playing.”~Dangie

“The path you now walk is not created by dreams, desires, or perceptions, it is carved only by actions and by every step you take. It is carved in the moment as you walk, there are no wrong or right steps to take, there are only experiences and there is only life.”~Dangie

“Mistakes don’t define you, they create you.”~Dangie

“There is beauty in pain, in loss, and in hurt because there is beauty in knowing that you will emerge from this with new knowledge. New knowledge about experiences, about life, and most importantly about yourself.”~Dangie

Thank you for reading and make sure to leave your favorite poem, quote, prose, or thoughts below in the comments; I would love to read them!

Disclaimer: you are welcome to use and/or share any of my quotes but please give me credit and/or tag me @barefootinpai (Instagram).

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